Monday, September 8, 2008

New to the blog!

I finally got a blog up and running! I want to post pictures of some projects I have completed. I just started work recently. Back to teaching! I teach 10th and 12th grade English, and so far so good. :-)
Once this week calms down I will be back with pictures!


RiaRe said...

I love your pic in front of "Babe" in CA.

Lupie said...

Welcome! Blog is looking good and can't wait to see some pictures.
Have a great school year!

jinjoo said...

hi! I was looking for like english
teachers on the blog and found you! I just started this whole blogging thing today and looking forward to it! I was just wondering since you are an english teacher and Im an international student at my school.. can I ask you some questions about english writing etc.? I'm doing really bad in english so I thought maybe blogging would help!
thank you ! by the way I'm in
grade 10 =)

pegi said...

What a great start! Cant wait to see the pictures, also! Have fun in school!