Sunday, September 28, 2008


Okay so I finally found some time between all the work I've had to take pictures of all my projects to share. I will start with my most recent project. It is a vest from a Knitsimple issue, Fall 2008. The pattern is found on page 91. I have a long ways to go, but here is where I am so far...still knitting the back of the vest.

The project I completed before starting this vest was a felted purse. It is called a buttonhole bag (the unpattern). My mother and I both made this purse, she just made hers a little bigger than mine.

And finally to my very first days of knitting....I just did straight knitting in hopes of making a neck warmer or scarf. I did not follow a pattern. I just wanted to grasp knitting and doing the stitch well. So here is my first days of knitting:

So there's my work from the beginning to now. I wish I had more time for knitting. It is just so difficult with all the preparation for work. My friends at work know that I knit, so I would love to get the vest done and be able to wear it to work. I look forward to meeting with my knitting group this Friday so I can keep my vest going and of course to see everyone! :-)

Monday, September 8, 2008

New to the blog!

I finally got a blog up and running! I want to post pictures of some projects I have completed. I just started work recently. Back to teaching! I teach 10th and 12th grade English, and so far so good. :-)
Once this week calms down I will be back with pictures!